Thursday, February 17, 2005


Removing Orders

Looks like the markets are not moving anywhere, so I decided to delete my orders. No trades today.

Short On Google

Google (GOOG) is now trading at 198.20, I will open short at 199, 204 STOP and 197 EXIT.
Hope I get both of these trades, no position yet.

Opening Trade, GILD

Gilead Sciences broke 50 day sma from down at 33.85 and is now trading at 33.89.
I will go long, if it goes back to 33.84, stop at 33.50, exit at 34.10.
Will keep you updated.

US Markets Turn Down

That didn´t last for long. US markets turned down as index of leading economic indicators fall slightly more than expected. Also Oil prices have went up.
Even though weekly jobless claims were really strong, that doesn´t necessarily mean better non-farm payrolls figures as no one knows where the hiring has happened.
It seems like there is lots of fear in the markets at the moment. If leading economic indicators would have come as better, we would have seen a rally.
No move on currencies, EUR/USD is trading at 1.306 at the moment. And it will propably stay in tight range. However I still have short order at 1.298.
USD/JPY is trading at 105.57, ad I think we may see it going higher towards 110, no trades in mind though.
Have few stock picks in mind, will post them later today.

Better Than Expected Weekly Jobless Claims Boost Markets

Weekly jobless claims came out as 302K, lowest in over 4 years!
Those better than expected figures have boosted markets in early trading.
At the moment Nasdaq is up 6 and Dow up 1.
Also better than expected earnings from many companies have supported market.
The jobless data also strengtened Dollar a bit against all the other major currencies.
We might see nice rally on the market, nasdaq might test resistance on 2100. Don´t believe it will break it though. But if it does, I will open long on Nasdaq, at around 2102.
Go markets go!

Trading EUR/USD

EUR/USD has now been around 1.30 for quite a long, and it can stay there. I am not expecting any major moves.
However, if we go below 1.30, I am going to open short at around 1.2980 with 50 PIPS exit and target at 1.2950.
Let´s see how it goes.


Unfortunately I have not had lately time to update this blog, because of few projects.
I should now have time to post daily.
Happy trading to everyone!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Trade Update

I didn´t get NOK for 13.95$, it was already trading at 13.95$, but my order wasn´t completed.
The order is now closed.
Dow ended up 92 and Nasdaq up 11.


Buy order on NOK

NOK is trading at 14.00$ at the moment. Decided to place a buy order on 13.95$, exit at 14.25$ and stop at 13.60$.
Let´s see how it goes. If order is taken, the trade stays open until exit or stop.


Good Start In Forex

This week´s Forex trading started well. The short on EUR/USD I told before was successfull. Exit at 1.296, +30 PIPS.
That´s it for today in Forex. I still think it will go down further, maybe to 1.29 today. But no more trades.
The rally in Wall Street continues, looking for some sweet stock trades. Will let you know if I make trades.


Trade Opened

Trade opened, short on EUR/USD at 1.2990, will exit it at 1.2960, Stop at 1.3040.
US stocks traded higher in the morning because of strong earnings and data.
Dow up 104 and Nasdaq 24 at the moment.
The dollar strenghtened a bit because of better than expected consumer confidence.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Market Overview

Stocks Traded mixed in afternoon, Dow up 38 and Nasdaq down 4. Disappointing earnings from Infineon weighs on Nasdaq.
EUR/USD is trading around 1.304. No major moves on EUR/USD today.
I decided not to place any trades today. I usually don´t do Forex trades on mondays.
For tomorrow, if EUR/USD dips under 1.30, I will SHORT it around 1.299. We´ll see how it goes.
GOOG is trading 3.5% lower today. The fear on ending lock-up period in February may have caused some of it, as I told earlier.
Happy Trading!

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Stocks To Watch Next Week, GOOG, NOK

These are the two stocks, I am going to watch closely next week.
Google will tell Q4 results at 1st of February. The waiting for that and for Q1 guidance will most likely put the stock on move. Analysts have given good estimates on GOOG results and estimates.
What makes Google interesting is the coming end of the lock-up period. Lots of shares coming to the market and that may cause some fear. If that won´t effect and overall market sentiment turns to good, we might see testing at 200$ again as at technical point GOOG still gives very bullish signal.

Another very interesting one is Nokia. It´s publishing Q4 and annual report on Thursday 27th.
Strong euro and price war have most likely taken the profits down. I still think they may surprise positively on both Q4 result and Q1 quidance. And they may have also gained some market share on handsets at cost of Siemens.
Christmas season has always been good for Nokia.
The week will be interesting for other handset makers as well as on thursday Siemens will tell what they will do with their mobile phone unit in the future.

I will post the possible trades on these stocks when the time comes.


Forex Last Week

There were quite interesting moves on forex on majors last week.
Mainly on EUR/USD. I had few good trades ang got +80 pips overall last week.
In my opinion in EUR/USD this is important point, which will give mid-term signal.
EUR/USD tested 1.30 successfully, but came back later. The support on 1.30 wasn´t as strong as I expected.
There is quite big volatility on all major USD pairs, so we should see some more big moves next week.
Because of the volatility, I´m looking for quite big moves with big STOP-LOSS in EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Go LONG/SHORT after breaking strong support/resistance, that has worked well for me lately.
I will post my next week´s trades here later on, propably on monday, tuesday.


I and Trading

Just set up this blog, and this looks like a really great service and even FREE! Huge thanks to, I know they are owned by google, so quality is quaranteed.
Ok, I looking forward to post my trades as well as talk about the market.
I´m a full-time stock and forex trader. I also few days ago started a stock trading directory at, it´s not ready yet though.
So, fellow traders, let´s interact and have some fun.


Testing the blog

Just created my blog with So far it looks great!
This is just a test post.

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